About us

South Guys raises from three team player, goal-oriented and challenges enthusiastic colleagues. Believing that working in a team is the only way to meet work needs that an individual cannot achieve and realise in isolation, we have combined our expertise in finance and engineering to make a real difference in the international food market.



Francesco Menduni

Francesco Menduni is a PhD student in Bioengineering at Aston University. He has taken executive part in different non-profit organizations developing technological platforms for the distribution of biomedical technologies in Italy. In the spare time, he is also a kickboxer.


Giovanni Cardillo

Giovanni Cardillo is a PhD student in Banking and Finance at University of Bologna and visiting PhD student at Aston University. He has worked as financial analyst and planner for some Italian brands, gaining solid knowledge in business and administration. In the spare time, he is also a rower.


Luca Pelliccia

Luca Pelliccia is a civil engineer at the Milan City Council. He has managed logistics projects both in Italy and UK, securing a dense network of contacts in both countries. In the spare time, he is also a basketball referee.