South Guys wants to bring the best Italian food in people’s lives, celebrating healthy food, great recipes and traditional methods.

For doing so, we constantly build on our levels of traceability and our long-term relationships with excellent producers, because only by working together with the right producers and best quality produce, can we build consumer confidence and celebrate the rich variety and splendour of our country’s food.

South Guys is proud to introduce you all the producers that exclusively joined us in this adventure.

Conservificio Il Gusto della Puglia  

The excellence of the Apulian preserved foods

A recent company with strong roots in the past, which combines traditional production with vibrant young business management. Since its foundation, the company has been focused on combining the most traditional recipes with the cutting-edge innovation in the agribusiness field. The company is based in the middle of the “Tavogliere delle Puglie”, extremely fertile land which produces ingredients of exceptionally high quality. As a result, Il Gusto della Puglia offers preserved food products able to amaze and satisfy the most demanding palates.




Panificio Caricone 

A centenary bakery tradition

In 1925, the first bakery Caricone was founded in Orta Nova, a small village of the Apulian province Foggia. Wisely combining a real passion for local products and excellent bakery skills, Caricone has constantly ameliorated its manufacturing processes to improve the product quality and to enrich its flavour. Nowadays, the bakery is a regional pride, being able to meet the specific needs of every market and distribution.